Windham, NH 03087

Cast An Informed Vote on Warrant Article #2

On Tuesday, March 8, 2016, please exercise your Right to vote at Windham High School between the hours of 7am and 8pm.  There are several important decisions that will impact the town and district for years to come, including a construction project that is estimated to exceed $57M.  Due to years of neglect, the buildings and crowding issues in the district have not been properly planned for or addressed.  This year, the Windham School District has Warrant Article #2 on the ballot that will solve the district’s problems at a cost that is more than what we paid for the Windham High School: the WHS bond plus interest, minus state aid totaled over $55M.  This time around, the bond plus interest is over $57M — and the state will not provide any building aid.  It’s a difficult decision, and therefore, the WTC strongly requests that you do your own research and cast a vote that represents what you feel is best for you, your family and your community.

Please review this 2-page flier that shows the cost impacts to Windham Taxpayers and a list of pros/cons for approving the Warrant Article.  Then please go to the polls on March 8th and vote!